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The member companies of the Industrial Perforators Association constitute a highly specialized production resource for punching very large numbers of holes in a wide variety of materials with extraordinary efficiency.

Holes provide solutions to a great many design problems. Round holes, square holes, rectangles, triangles, slots, decorative patterns - the variety of possible shapes is limited only by the designer's imagination. Hole sizes range from a few thousandths of an inch in diameter up to more than three inches, while the materials that can be perforated can be as thin as foil or as thick as 1-1/2" steel plate.

Many of perforated material uses are relatively new. Examples include applications for sound suppression, microwave and EMI/RFI radiation containment, filtration and purification of air, water and gases, as well as decorative uses. The rapid growth in the use of perforated materials strongly suggests that just the surface has been scratched on their potential applications.

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